01.09.2017: Meet the updated real estate portal
01.04.2016: Real-estate agency platform is launched -
06.02.2013: Online Dating platform for serious relationship is now live!
01.08.2010: The dedicated office and the team for search engine is started on the outsourcing basis.
Miraline Clients

Offshore software development clients of Miraline Systems:

Past project-based software development:

2009 Add-on for Internet Explorer
MS Visual C++
2008 Real-estate website
2007 Video content e-commerce project
PHP, MySQL, own framework, video processing via ffmpeg
2006 JCI website:
PHP, MySQL, proprietary framework, proprietary CMS
Online dating network
Proprietary PHP framework based on KohanaPHP, MySQL / InnoDB, own CMS, own ORM with multilevel object cache, flexible views-caching, own CRUD library - unique architecture.
2005 Online trainings service
2005 Real-estate portal
PHP, MySQL/InnoDB based on proprietary framework
2004 Web-brochure
2003 Internet search system “Ukraine plus” Project leader.
2002 Web-sites rating system. Includes backend database access modules for fast data access. Standard libdb (btree) and custom binary format were used. Specifically designed to perform well on overloaded systems.
2002 Requests-handling system for highly loaded web applications. Has no analogue. Is based on PARKS model by Professor Anisimov of Shevchenko University.
2002 Traffic monitoring and exchange system. Multi-component system in UNIX environment. (GNU C, Unix IPC, Perl). Project Manager.
2001 Implementation of advanced Michael Rabin public-key encryption algorithm. Detailed investigation and mathematical proof of its effectiveness and security. Encryption module is a part of the secure-socket library project. (C, GMP, Unix)
2001 Web-portal Project Manager.
2001 E-shop “RapStarSearch” (telecommuting developer at UniversalDigitech, USA)
2001 Consulting web-site Project Manager.
2001 Corporative web-site Project Manager.
2000 HandyS/CGI – CGI accelerator, reliable FastCGI replacement (C, Unix).
2000 Meta search engine, support for 5 search systems. Simultaneous queries. (Perl, IPC, Unix). Telecommuting programmer.
2000 Database-driven web-site + update system,
2000 HTTP content proxy server (C, Unix).Used flex/bison (yacc) to parse configuration file rules. Released both as apache module and standalone application.  Two web-interfaces (simple and advanced). (C, Unix).
1999 Voting and site management systems for (Perl, PHP3, JS).
1999 Content management system for IREX / IATP website and (Perl, SQL).
1999 Email-based Unix server administration system for cellular phones (Perl, C).
1999 ISP accounting system with web interface (C/C++, PHP3, PostgreSQL, Tacacs+). Programmer.
1999 Private banner network (Perl, Oracle) for GILAN (